Sep 012017

Upcoming Sunday shoots, all kicking off at 1pm unless you hear to the contrary:

03/09/2017 Pistol Shoot
08/10/2017 Otago/Southland Young Farms Club – range will be closed for this event
15/10/2017 Pistol and Multi-Gun shoots (pistol+rifle+shotgun combined stage)
12/11/2017 Pistol Shoot
19/11/2017 Black Powder Shoot (Ian McF and Bob C etc, can you bring out your coal burners?)
10/12/2017 Long Range Rifle shoot
17/12/2017 Pistol Shoot

Monthly meetings 8pm on designated Thursdays, in the RJs upstairs meeting:
No september or october meetings
09/11/2017 November Meeting
14/12/2017 December Meeting, last of 2017


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