Dec 222015

A new website dedicated to Firearm Advertising in New Zealand can be found here: Buy Used Guns

They offer classified advertising for Firearms and related items & accessories for private sellers and Firearm Dealers, and are FREE.

No fees, no sign up (besides Dealer accounts) and no catches. List as many ads as you wish.

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Dec 012015

Another long range rifle shoot will be held on Sunday 6th December 2015 at 1pm.

Targets will be at 100 yards, 270 yards, 470 yards, and 570 yards.

At each distance you will score 5 points per hit on the small target, 3 points per hit on the middle target, and 1 point per hit on the larger target.

You can use whatever you like to hold your rifle, bipod, rests, sand bags, lead sled, etc.


Long Range Rifle Shooting

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