Sep 012017

Upcoming Sunday shoots, all kicking off at 1pm unless you hear to the contrary:

03/09/2017 Pistol Shoot
08/10/2017 Otago/Southland Young Farms Club – range will be closed for this event
15/10/2017 Pistol and Multi-Gun shoots (pistol+rifle+shotgun combined stage)
12/11/2017 Pistol Shoot
19/11/2017 Black Powder Shoot (Ian McF and Bob C etc, can you bring out your coal burners?)
10/12/2017 Long Range Rifle shoot
17/12/2017 Pistol Shoot

Monthly meetings 8pm on designated Thursdays, in the RJs upstairs meeting:
No september or october meetings
09/11/2017 November Meeting
14/12/2017 December Meeting, last of 2017


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Aug 162017

Sunday 3rd September, and Sunday 12th November, at 1pm.

Other shoots for Sep/Oct will be advised after the August 31st general meeting.

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Feb 252017

We will be holding the Jack Richmond Memorial Shoot on Sunday 26th February 2015, kicking off at 1pm.

Format will be as per earlier years with the Pistol Stage determining the trophy winner, followed by Rifle and Shotgun stages for fun.

Gun sharing will be available for those without suitable firearms.

Here are some photos from an earlier Jack Richmond Memorial Shoot:

  • Jack Richmond Trophy
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Apr 192016

The club’s annual ANZAC shoot will be held Sunday 24th April 2016, kicking off at 1pm.

Bring your WW II or earlier bolt action iron sighted military rifle and 20 rounds of ammo.

We will also be adding a pistol stage for WW II or earlier iron sighted military pistols.

Here are some piccies from earlier ANZAC shoot.

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Dec 012015

Another long range rifle shoot will be held on Sunday 6th December 2015 at 1pm.

Targets will be at 100 yards, 270 yards, 470 yards, and 570 yards.

At each distance you will score 5 points per hit on the small target, 3 points per hit on the middle target, and 1 point per hit on the larger target.

You can use whatever you like to hold your rifle, bipod, rests, sand bags, lead sled, etc.


Long Range Rifle Shooting

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