Jul 112013

The AGM 2013 was held July 11th 2013 in the Real Journeys downstairs meeting room.

Fees remain at $50 per annum to June 2014. $25 per annum for your spouse.

No change to club officers with Don (President), Tom (Vice President), Mark (Secretary/Treasurer), Donny (Club Armourer), Brendon (Range Manager), and Steve (Training Officer) being re-elected.

Presidents Report 2013:

Another busy year has passed again with some great shoots taking place. It would be nice to see these shoots a little more well attended as some effort goes into organising them and I do feel that those members that do attend are rewarded with both a good time and being among friends that have a common interest.

I would encourage members to try and participate in at least one of the number of shoots that will be held in the coming year. It does not matter if you do not own an appropriate firearm, as members that do, are only too willing to share. I am willing to bet that you will enjoy yourself more than you thought you would.

Some projects that are in the pipeline and hopefully we will see complete soon are, a lease arrangement for the land that the range is on, installing the concrete block-dividing wall between the 100 and 50 metre ranges, and possibly updating the club rooms with facilities.

This last one will take a bit of doing and will need the support of all members.

With our increasing membership and a little money in the bank it has been felt that the time has come to have this update but we will only do this after we have a lease in place so as to secure the clubs future assets. The nature of the update will be discussed at future meetings but could comprise anything from doing up the existing building, upgrading or a new building.

I was surprised to learn during this last year that our membership of 60 plus is one of the higher membership clubs in Te Anau. Because of this I feel that we should be able to push for some funding for the above projects.

That is all for now and I know I probably have missed some details.

Looking forward to another successful year and more members.

Don Hawinkels

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