Jul 252017

Ammo Direct have released their July 2017 catalog.

Do your research! Their pricing for Freedom Munitions is similar to Aoraki Ammunition’s Geco, so you want to make sure you are comparing apples with apples, a lot of Freedom Munitions is Reman (remanufactured from once fired brass) as opposed to New so satisfy yourself you know what you’re getting before ordering.

If you have shot a lot of Freedom Munitions please share your experience in the comments.

To order call them on 027 305 5396 or email ammodirectnz@gmail.com

Their website is ammodirect.co.nz

Ammo Direct Catalogue July 2017

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May 102016

A great platform to learn the ins and outs of reloading is the Lee Turret Press, which is available as a kit with everything you need apart from the dies for the calibre you wish to reload for, for $330 from Workshop Innovation here in NZ.

Here is a youtube video which gives you an idea of the strengths of this press: Lee Turret Press video

You can move to a progressive press like the Dillon 550/650 or Hornady Lock-N-Load when you fully understand the fundamentals and need to increase your output per hour beyond what the Turret Press is capable of.

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May 052016

Bill Wright at Rusa Reloading Components stocks a good range of CMJ Frontier projectiles for your pistol and .223

The .223 FMJ projectiles are around the same price as the 9mm projectiles, making it an ideal option for range ammo.

Bill is very quick at turning around orders, and delivery is free for non-rural addresses. Email sales@rusa.co.nz

Don’t try and place orders through this website, we are not an agent for these projectiles, or anything else for that matter. Thanks.

Rusa Reloading Components - CMJ Frontier Projectiles

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